Silverleaf Academy exists to create a future filled with opportunity for today's children. Silverleaf is Tanzania's first chain of affordable pre-primary and primary private English Medium schools, educating children aged 4-14. Our mission is to provide lower-middle income urban families with the highest quality education possible at the most affordable price. Our schools deploy a tablet-based curriculum inside every classroom and adopt an innovative team teaching and in-service training approach. Silverleaf Academy schools are designed to combat widespread student underperformance typically seen within highly resource-constrained Tanzanian schools. It is our promise to the students and their parents that Silverleaf students will not leave us without full mastery of the basic skills of writing, reading and counting, whilst also being prepared for a world where critical thinking, team collaboration, and entrepreneurship are paramount.


We currently are operating 2 Silverleaf Academies in Arusha and our team of 20, and Board of 4, have ambitious growth targets of reaching 80,000 students over the next 5 years. 



Reports to: Silverleaf Board 

Responsible for: Members of the Senior Leadership Team

As an entrepreneurial Chief 
Executive, you are responsible for developing the Silverleaf growth strategy, securing the necessary strategic human and financial resources, and forging domestic and international partnerships needed to effectively deliver the Company vision.  You will lead the company in crafting a robust operating model, successfully piloting it, and providing the foundation for accelerated growth in future. You provide the leadership and direction of the company, ensure a secure business and financial platform, positioning us securely for the long-term achievement of our mission. 



Set a Bedrock of Vision and Values

  • Embody and exemplify our vision & values in how you show up with every stakeholder  

  • Infuse our values to be lived by every pupil and employee 

  • Put in place practical measures to embed our values throughout the Company


Design the Growth Blueprint

  • Work with your SLT & Board to develop strategies for the achievement of the company’s vision 

  • Have a clear strategic plan in place across the organization  to oversee short, medium and long-term goals

  • Proactively identify, trial, learn, modify solutions for all aspects of the Silverleaf model

  • Successfully establish and prove a complete, robust and workable operating model that can provide the template for our growth phase

  • Display convincing self-belief and enthusiasm, ensuring all stakeholders share the same belief in our ability to design a successful operating model and participate in confidence through failure as well as success during the design process

  • Distill all design learning into a compelling vision of the future company that can be used to guide the growth phase 

Secure Property

  • Create a comprehensive strategy to offer a strong pipeline of school properties in line with the Company's growth targets 

  • Action the property strategy to ensure all properties fit the Silverleaf educational and commercial model, as well as meets all regulatory specifications

  • Identify and implement a comprehensive regulatory solution for allowing fast growth


Prepare People Infrastructure

  • Lead recruitment & orientation of the executive & top management positions who will be the teams to lead and sustain the Company at growth stage 

  • Implement effective talent development, performance assessment and management of employees across the company, creating a culture of rigor and high performance 

  • Lead the SLT to translate strategies into operational business plans with clear milestones, performance indicators, and risk mitigation


Build a Robust Financial Framework

  • Establish sound financial systems, controls, and processes set for Company growth 

  • Ensure the financial solvency of the business

  • In partnership with the Finance Manager, develop and manage the annual Company budget

  • Assist Finance Manager to conduct actual vs budgeted analysis, review P&L, cash flow, and make strategic decisions on the use of funds. This information to be presented in clear Board reports 

  • Review and approve filings for taxes, supervising processes for accounting

  • Participate in the annual audit process and other investor due diligence and audit processes 

  • Develop, coordinate & lead on fundraising and investor relationships

  • Actively solicit, cultivate and steward current and potential investors and financial partners 


Ensure an effective educational offering

  • Work with the board & Education Lead to develop our effective pedagogy and curriculum policy, and then ensure that the curriculum is correct, current & acceptable to regulations 

  • Define clear learning outcomes, establish a culture that no child is left behind

  • Ensure good quality, well-trained principals, teachers and teaching assistants are deployed at every school sufficient to educate pupils in line with our operating model

  • Ensure that training, management, assessment and development of teaching staff is sufficient for them to deliver & continuously improve the achievement of learning outcomes

  • Ensure that all schools are correctly equipped with tablets and full in-class resources


Deliver Pupil Wellbeing

  • Work with the board to define health & safety, welfare and safeguarding approaches and policies

  • Establish a culture of kindness and care for children, in which their well-being always comes first

  • Ensure that training, management, assessment and development of all employees is sufficient for them to deliver well-being for our pupils when at school

  • Oversee the implementation of our policies and ensure that practice and procedures in our schools effectively deliver these, and ensure accurate & timely reporting on these to the Board


Enhance External Relations

  • Raise the profile of Silverleaf’s work and serve as lead spokesperson of the Company

  • Represent Silverleaf at ministry meetings, conferences, and other public speaking engagements

  • Develop and maintain relevant high-level partnerships and collaborations, including with local and national government partners


Be a strong bridge with the Board

  • Ensure that the Board is effectively serviced and provided with strategic analysis, plans, performance, policy proposals, financial and other information as required to monitor and direct business activities

  • Maintain a positive and effective working environment between SLT, senior staff
    and the Board and ensure consistent alignment of vision and our Company direction 

  • Ensure that the Board is properly advised on all legal and compliance matters and adheres to its own rules as well as statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Keep the Board briefed on key risks & issues through a live risk register



Your Experience

  • One or more outstanding entrepreneurial achievements, going from concept to delivery and/or small to big. Preferably a for-profit initiative

  • Demonstrable track record of identifying and exploiting business opportunities, preferably in Tanzania or a similar business environment

  • A proven track record of successfully recruiting, developing, managing and leading people at all levels in a professional environment eight years or over  

  • Demonstrable track record of management, with responsibility for and successful delivery of multiple functions

  • Specific examples of successfully concluding property transactions and deals, in TZ/EA

  • Specific examples of successfully securing regulatory approvals & government relations in TZ/EA

  • A proven track record of business planning & financial management with a lens of growth strategy 

  • Worked with or within the education sector is helpful, but not necessary



Strong Communication Skills

  • Fluent in English and Swahili

  • Excellent communication skills, that can adjust to suit varied situations and stakeholders 

  • Impact and gravitas to work and negotiate, effectively and successfully, with government authorities
    at every level, investors, suppliers of property, the Board 

  • Can establish and sustain trust, respect, and confidence with staff, board members, customers,
    and wider stakeholders


Entrepreneurial Ease

  • Robust and self-assured

  • Loves innovation and game-changing improvement

  • Has a big appetite for lean methodology (trial, learn, iterate) to ensure a well-tested product 

  • Regards setbacks and failures with confidence as completely normal and thoroughly manageable

  • Enjoys uncertainty and thrives in it

  • Loves getting the deal, and fights for it

  • Identifies and seizes opportunities

  • Has a deep foundation of self-belief

  • Displays confidence in Silverleaf’s success that inspires all around


Talent Development 

  • Know how to recruit, retain and motivate employees and build strong management teams  

  • Provides inspirational leadership to an organization that translates to a vision led culture 

  • Manages managers well and knows how to create a culture of high-performance outcomes 


Vision and Values 

  • A desire to commit themselves wholeheartedly to delivering good, affordable education for thousands of children in the pursuit of our mission

  • Enthusiastically endorses our values

  • Keen and capable of learning about and mastering affordable education

  • Integrity and trustworthiness

  • Pragmatic yet optimistic about getting business results in Tanzania, and in Africa generally


Corporate Skills

  • Works at pace creatively, effectively and productively under pressure and delivers results to tight and challenging deadlines

  • Knows enough about regulation, property, HR, finance, sales, marketing and IT to oversee the delivery of what we need

  • Can envision and develop a credible strategy with the board  

  • Is able to deliver this strategy with and through his or her team

  • Can control a growing, multi-site organization

  • Can control the money tightly 

  • Can provide accurate and reliable reporting and is strongly numerate



  • We are ambitious and purpose-driven. We plan to take 80,000+ students through the Silverleaf journey and you will be the person leading us all there

  • Your opportunity to become a Partner, as well as an employee. By us giving stake, you can deepen your sense of ownership in the Company & share the success of what you build

  • This is an agile and fast-paced environment. We constantly push for innovation and improvement in what we do and how we do it. If you like taking initiative and believe in continuous improvement, this is your place

  • Our work is inspiring and rewarding. You will see it in the charisma and confidence you see emerging from the hundreds of students that greet you on your way into the office!


  • A competitive salary will be offered, commensurate on experience and skills

  • You will be issued with a vested equity agreement, to hold shares in the company upon the achievement of key deliverables, in addition to your contract of employment

  • Medical health insurance, communication allowances, applicable immigration costs, professional development and international conference attendance will all be covered

  • As an employee of Silverleaf Academy, you are entitled to send up to two of your own children free-of-charge to any operating Silverleaf Academy school




  • A covering letter & maximum 2 page CV, tailored to this role aligned to above description. Cover letter to include available start date & salary expectation range, email to careers@silverleaf.co.tz

  • The screening process will include case studies, interviews, and competency tests and give you a chance to understand us and the role better. We will ask for writing samples and references

  • Selection on a rolling basis until filled - therefore early application is recommended