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Silverleaf Academy Debora 

Tuition and Fees

Day Students                  795,000 TZS
Boarding Students      1,250,000 TZS
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Silverleaf - Debora offers quality boarding facilities for girls and boys including a fully renovated boys hostel that opened in  2019.
Silverleaf school and boarding staff are dedicated to making the boarding experience a beneficial part of each child's growth and development.

Exam Results

Silverleaf Debora is the no. 1 school in our District for 2019 on the 7th grade leaving exam.
Out of 46 students, Silverleaf Debora received no Ds, no Es, and only a single C.  In English all students except 4 received As.

Parent Info

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Lead Teacher Trainer

Aloyce Shirima

Operations Deputy

Ally Msuya

 Head Teacher

Anthonia Nnamganga 

Academic Deputy

Paskali Genda

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How is Silverleaf Debora Different?

My daughter is headstrong and bold, the kind of girl who would constantly be punished and hit at other schools, but at Silverleaf, they value her strength and use positive ways to teach her when to speak up and when to let her classmates have a turn.       - Silverleaf parent

Special Projects: Argentina Exchange

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This year at Silverleaf Debora, our students participated in the launch of a virtual exchange program.  Through this program, our students reach out to their peers in countries around the world to learn about each other's lives.  This year we have already exchanged videos with schools in Spain and Argentina.  In the picture you can see our friends at the Puerto Madryn School in Argentina watching their video from Nesra and Winnie, two of our 7th grade students.

Later this year, we hope to do virtual exchanges with schools in the US and Palestine as well as continuing our friendships in Spain and Argentina.  These exchanges are a great way for our students to learn more about the world and to practice their English skills with speakers who have different accents and understanding.  Who knows, maybe some of our foreign friends will come visit us here in Tanzania!


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