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Sahar Scholarship Scheme

We at Silverleaf Academy are excited to be the first school at Fumba Town, Zanzibar! We have launched this Scholarship Programme in order to champion Fumba Town's mission of creating a sustainable and inclusive community. With the support of generous Angel Donors, we are closer to achieving our goal of providing high quality, affordable education for as many children as possible.

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Spotlight Students

Thanks to the Sahar Scholarship Scheme, these children are able to attend Silverleaf Academy Zanzibar. 

This is Halima. She is from the Dimani community surrounding Fumba Town. She is five years old and in KG2. Since joining Silverleaf, Halima has become more joyful and confident. Her father says she eagerly teaches her family all the things she learned at school. Her English is improving very well, and she loves playing with all the other students in her new kindergarten class.

This is Amos from Dimani. He is five years old and in KG2.  Amos' mother is unemployed and has three children. She pays a very subsidized fee for both Amos and his sister Josephina to attend Silverleaf Academy Zanzibar. Amos has difficulties staying engaged with classwork so the teachers give him extra attention to ensure he has an impactful educational experience. Thanks to the structure and routines that Silverleaf provides, Amos continues to settle into a love of learning. 

 We are creating a network of connectivity, championing Fumba Town’s mission of forming a sustainable, inclusive community.

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How we'll stay connected


To field questions and communicate regularly with Angel Donors.


We will create videos and progress/update videos starring Silverleaf Scholars for to include in a newsletter.


Angel Donors can schedule a time to come to the school and see the fruits of their contributions.

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