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Sahar Scholarship Scheme FAQ

What makes Silverleaf Academy unique?

We provide one of the most affordable, high quality educations in all of Tanzania. We fulfill the requirements set by the Zanzibar National Curriculum, and go further by employing student-centered learning techniques, state-of-the-art technology, high teacher standards, and a robust extra curricular programme. 


How do we choose scholarship recipients? 

We assess a family’s financial need, and their willingness to understand and be involved in their child’s education.


Can I choose a specific student to sponsor? 

No, all donations go into a Scholarship Fund which then goes to students based on our assessment of their family’s financial situation. We find that the model of specific sponsorships creates the appearance that the child recipient lives in a vacuum without other support, hence the donor becomes their 'savior.' This is a concept we strive to avoid. 

How long do students stay in the Scholarship Programme?

We envision supporting scholarship recipients for their entire pre-primary, primary, and secondary career. 


Can I visit the students I sponsor?

Yes! Our “Donor Days” will be opportunities for Angel Donors to come to Silverleaf Academy Zanzibar, interact with the students and teachers, and observe their learning. 

How do I become an Angel Donor?

Click on the 'Donate' or 'Subscription' icon on You can select a one-time payment or monthly subscription. You will then receive a receipt of donation and thank you message in your email. Then, proudly call yourself an Angel Donor and get ready for an exciting and rewarding journey!

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