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We are changing the trajectory of each  Silverleaf student.

1. High quality education requires students to think, analyze, problem solve, evaluate and create.

2. Supported teachers can be strong agents of change in their communities. 

3. Education should create global citizens who have had exposure to tools of change.

 Silverleaf Academy 

Educational Philosophy  

Silverleaf Academy believes that all children deserve access to high-quality affordable education.  The key pillars of the Silverleaf Education Model were built on the following six beliefs.  

4. Parents and community members should be active members of the educational experience

5. Education should target all areas of a child's development. 

6. All involved in the education of a child should be held accountable to perform.

What we do best

We use student centered learning strategies that give students opportunities to work and learn together to develop children to be future entrepreneurs and change makers of the future. 

Student-Centered Approach 

Highly Trained Teachers 

We provide our teachers with high levels of teacher training and support to ensure teachers are empowered to support their students. 

Technology Infused Classes

We integrate technology into the classroom and provide varied learning resources to expose students to tools used globally.  

Community Engagement  


We set strong standards and expectations for staff, parents, students, and the community to ensure all are working togethers so children are learning and succeeding.  

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