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At any Silverleaf Academy school, you can expect to see different teaching and learning methodologies and outcomes when compared with other schools. We recognise that  students come to us with a range of abilities, learning styles and passions. In recognition of this, we have a toolbox of student-centred methodologies designed to boost inclusive learning and develop talents. While retaining a strong core focus on academic competencies, our progressive pedagogies are geared towards social emotional learning for life skills and a more rounded education experience. 

School Wide

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Guiding Change with Our Core Values

Our five core values can be found across the school and guide everything we do, from recruiting and training teachers, to parent reports and student rewards. Every student at Silverleaf is deliberately encouraged to develop their ability to “Lead the Way”, “Speak, Listen and Learn”, “Ask Why and Why Not”, “Build for the Future”, and have “Unwavering Mission Focus” to become changemakers of the future. 

Lower Primary

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Learning Adventure through Rotational Model

Our rotational model transforms learning into an engaging adventure. Students cycle through diverse stations, each offering interactive experiences such as collaborative projects, hands-on experiments, and digital exploration. This approach cultivates a holistic understanding of subjects while accommodating different learning styles. Through these rotations, young learners thrive as active participants in their education, building skills and embracing knowledge joyfully.

Upper Primary

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Upholding the Student Promise

The 'Student Promise' shines as a beacon of responsibility and respect. Crafted collaboratively, it outlines behavior standards, fostering a positive learning environment. Students pledge to uphold these values, nurturing a sense of accountability and empathy. This commitment empowers learners to contribute to a harmonious classroom, where everyone thrives as a valued member of the educational community.

Co-Curricular Enrichment

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Thriving Through Sports

Sports at Silverleaf Academy are a key part of our co-curricular program. They nurture physical health, teamwork, and discipline. Through a range of sports activities, students discover their strengths, build camaraderie, and learn valuable life skills. Guided by expert coaches, these experiences instil a sense of achievement and resilience. At Silverleaf, sports transcend competition, fostering holistic development and a lifelong love for active lifestyles.


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NECTA Shapes Comprehensive Learning Progress

National (NECTA) assessments serve as the foundation of student academic evaluation. These standardised assessments rigorously gauge students' comprehension and knowledge. Guided by these results, educators tailor personalised instruction, ensuring each student's progress aligns with national educational standards. Silverleaf's commitment to excellence is underscored by its reliance on NECTA assessments for comprehensive and informed academic assessment.

Applications for the
2024 school year are still open.

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