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Talent Academy

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Be Part of the
Next Generation of Silverleaf Teachers

Embark on an exciting journey with Silverleaf Academy's innovative Talent Academy, designed to shape the future generation of Silverleaf educators.


Our goal is to exclusively recruit teachers from the Talent Academy, ensuring the highest standard of teaching across our network.

Our Talent Academy Team


Aloyce Shirima

Education Coordinator


Dr London Moore

Chief Education Officer


Nelly Zablon

School Manager

How it works

  • The Talent Academy Fellowship begins with a 6-month duration in 2024, followed by the full 10-month Talent Academy program starting in 2025.

  • Cohort one From May to November 2024

  • Cohort two - From August to November 2024

  • Cohort 1 has 20 fellows and cohort two is expected to have 50 fellows.

Why Join the Talent Academy?


Inspire The Next Generation

Make a meaningful impact every day, shaping young minds to become future African innovators and leaders through exceptional learning experiences.

Learning Model.png

Blended Learning Approach

Engage in daily classes connected to the 2024 Silverleaf Academy Teacher Competency Framework, led by our Instructional Leadership team.


Personalised Mentorship

Receive personalised guidance from a mentor Silverleaf teacher, gaining practical experience by supporting classroom activities during your fellowship.


Join a Supportive Community

Become part of a close-knit family of highly skilled educators, rigorously trained in the Silverleaf model, dedicated to delivering top-quality education.

What our fellows are saying...

Student wellness is the main Promise I've been inspired by here. Especially as this wellness is very personal to me. When I was a student, I was effected so much by this. My former school, the main thing was sticks, they hit us so so much.  A teacher can come with a dustbin of sticks, and they use that full dustbin on us. You can be beaten until you even lose control kabisa - it effected me so much as a young girl. That thing it still hurting me, as I've seen the negative impact in my life from beating. I love seeing a school where they protect their children, while also showing they can all grow and learn. Im here growing and learning more than you can imagine. 

- ????

Talent Academy Fellow, Cohort One

Talent Academy Teacher 2.jpg

Become a Talent Academy fellow. Apply Now!

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